Counseling for People of All Ages With Compassion and Care

Seek counseling from Elizabeth Taylor, LPC. In my practice, I offer counseling sessions for children, teens, adults, and families. Here are some of the services I provide.

Counseling Services Offered


Individual Counseling

I will talk with you one-on-one and do my best to address your concerns about relationships and other aspects of life.

Adolescent Counseling (Ages 16 and Above)

I work with young people to help them understand their feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Christian Counseling

I can guide you in resolving issues and conflicts through employing a faith-based approach and the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Grief Counseling

I am here to assist you on your journey to acceptance if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Trauma Counseling

I understand the pain and struggle associated with a traumatic experience, so please feel free to reach out to me to help you deal with the aftermath through recovery.

Relationship Counseling

I will help you explore, identify and resolve conflicts through effective communications strategies in an effort to improve the quality of relationships and family interactions.

Depression Counseling

I am dedicated to helping individuals with clinical depression through psychotherapy sessions.

Anxiety Counseling

I aim to help you lessen your worries and overcome your fears through each counseling session with me.

What Is Counseling?

Counseling is a cooperative process between the therapist and the client. The more actively you participate, the more help you receive.

It involves learning more about yourself through therapeutic conversation and provides you with an opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts while reducing your anxieties. The goal of counseling is to help people learn how to deal more effectively with emotional situations, clarify issues, and gain insight into the problems and relationships in their lives.

This process can help people understand themselves more deeply and enjoy life more fully. It is also a way to empower people to face their fears with courage, pursue personal growth, and establish healthy relationships.

Why Do People See a Counselor?

Many people who attend counseling are bright, skilled, educated, and stable people. There are many reasons why an individual might need a therapist to talk to, and it's not because of weakness. It is often because of everyday issues like stress, relationships problems, or symptoms of depression. The problems do not have to be severe. In fact, reaching out to a counselor before the issues get worse might be your best decision.

The following is a general list of areas wherein counseling can prove valuable:

  • Mood issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger.
  • Relationship issues such as parent-child connections, in-school peer relationships (teens), and marriage
  • Grief issues, including the loss of a loved one, recent divorce, trauma, or other major life events
  • Identity issues, including decreasing self-esteem, finding fulfillment or searching one’s purpose in life, or identifying negative thinking patterns

My Insurance Networks

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi
  • Advanced Health Systems (AHS) State Network
  • United Behavioral Health (UBH)